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Police Officer - The City of The Colony, TX (ID: 274652)

Title Police Officer
Type Police Officer
Date Posted April 20, 2017
City / Organization The City of The Colony, TX
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The primary function of this position is to provide basic law enforcement services in our city by self-initiated law enforcement activity and responding to requests for service from citizens.  Every employee in this department must make ethical decisions daily conform to applicable laws and departmental policy, communicate effectively with our citizens and coworkers and remain professional in all circumstances

Performing all duties assigned to a Police Officer for the City of The Colony

Operate a department vehicle in a safe manner under a variety of weather and lighting conditions in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Must ensure the department vehicle is properly maintained, fueled and cleaned.

Must be able to communicate effectively via police radio, telephone, and in person, with citizens, coworkers, supervisors, and instructors, including persons of diverse backgrounds without prejudice.

Routinely enforce all traffic laws and ordinances, primarily by self initiated activity.

Routinely produce complete and detailed written and typed reports documenting calls for service and crimes investigated.

Routinely investigate traffic accidents.

Routinely respond to residential and business alarms and conduct searches associated with the alarms.

Routinely make arrests with or without warrant and in compliance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

Chase suspects over various terrains and obstacles, and under various conditions.  Physically restrain individuals that are under arrest that may be uncooperative or combative.  Physically assist individuals in walking and entering and exiting a police vehicle.

Remain standing in a stationary position for four or more hours while directing traffic, directing children at a crosswalk, or standing guard at a crime scene, or other assignment necessary for effective law enforcement.

Administer CPR and first aid in emergency situations.

Effectively counsel with, detain, or arrest individuals who are mentally ill or mentally impaired.

May be required to perform other duties as assigned.

Perform all essential physical functions of the job which include:

Run and sprint short distances or run for sustained periods of time (over 2 minutes).

Run up and down stairs.

Dodge, jump, or crawl under obstacles.

Climb fences.

Ability to work with others effectively as a team to accomplish tasks without discriminating against race, religion, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.

Ability to bend and lift 100 lbs.

Must have normal vision correctable to 20/20, hearing correctable to normal range, and full use of both hands.

Must attend required training, which might require travel overnight, and testify in court when summoned


  1. Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  2. Must be at least 21 years of age with a High school diploma or G.E.D.
  3. Have the ability to intelligently read, write, and speak the English language.
  4. Valid Texas Driver’s License without restriction (except A) at the time of appointment. In the past three years; no more than three total entries for moving violations and/or accidents, nor any involuntary license suspensions during that period.


No Class A Misdemeanor or Felony Convictions and no Class B Misdemeanor convictions within the past 10 years.

Must never have been convicted of domestic violence.

Nothing less than “Honorably Discharged” from military service or prior law enforcement service.

No use of Marijuana within last 3 years.

No use of any illegal substance within last 10 years.

No visible tattoos while in uniform.


College Degree.

Texas Peace Officer Certification.

Prior Law Enforcement Experience.

Ability to type 25 wpm.

Superior physical fitness.

Ability to speak Spanish

Lift and carry objects up to 100 lbs and move objects over 100 lbs such as equipment and road debris.

Extract or drag victims and suspects from automobiles and buildings.

Push a car off the roadway.

Use force by pushing and pulling or other trained use of force technique for both short periods (less than 2 minutes) and for sustained periods (greater than 2 minutes).

Bend and twist in use of force situations and to get in and out of vehicles.

Maintain minimal fitness levels to perform all essential duties and task.

Possess the aerobic power to perform essential pursuit and use of force situations involving sustained effort.

Possess anaerobic power to perform essential pursuit, extraction and use of force situations involving short intense effort.

Possess upper body muscular endurance to perform pursuit, lifting, carrying and extraction essential functions.

Possess the upper body absolute strength to perform essential lifting, pushing and pulling essential functions.

Possess the agility to move quickly around objects and obstacles in pursuit situations.

Possess the leg power to perform sprints, jumping and vaulting tasks.

Possess the abdominal muscular endurance to perform pursuits and lifting tasks.

Ability to multitask under stressful situations and drive a city vehicle safely under a variety of conditions.

Ability to walk long distances, run, climb fences or stairs, or enter open windows in pursuit of persons.

Ability to remain seated or standing for long periods of time while remaining alert.

Safely and effectively use any authorized weapon in a variety of circumstances, weather, and lighting, and demonstrate proficiency annually.

Must be able to work independently without direct supervision on any shift, which includes nights, weekends, and holidays, and accept on-call status.  Must be able to work outside in any weather condition.

Must be able to effectively communicate with others by writing, comprehending, and speaking the English language.  Must remain professional and courteous while dealing with angry or hostile individuals.


Job Post Expiration Date   April 1, 2018

    All jobs posted are considered open until filled and may close at anytime except as stated in the Job Description. .