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Police Dispatcher - Lateral Entry - Ontario, CA (ID: 292803)

Title Police Dispatcher - Lateral Entry
Type Emergency Communications
Date Posted January 2, 2018
City / Organization Ontario, CA
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The Position


Police Dispatcher (Lateral Entry) - $4,095 - $5,030
Senior Police Dispatcher - $4,504 - $5,531

Enjoy a rewarding career with the Ontario Police Department. This recruitment will result in an eligibility list for the Police Dispatcher classification to meet the current and future staffing needs of the Police Department. Police Dispatchers are eligible for promotion to Senior Police Dispatcher upon meeting the position's requirements, receiving satisfactory performance evaluations, and at the recommendation of management. 
The Ontario Police Department is seeking applicants with one year of continuous experience in public safety emergency communications and two-way radio operations to join the Department's communication operations. Police Dispatchers are the first to act in an emergency and are the most valuable link between the public and the Police personnel who serve and protect the community. Being a Police Dispatcher in Ontario means being a part of an elite and well respected professional group. Ontario's Police Dispatchers have chosen a profession that is in the business of helping others and find it to be a highly rewarding career.

This position responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service; identifies and dispatches Police units using telecommunications equipment; gathers and relays critical information to law enforcement officers; documents calls and responses; and complies with department policies and procedures to assure the safety of City personnel and the public. This position entails the need for applicants with dedication and strong desire to provide excellent customer service and enhance our community safety. Additionally they must possess the ability to work under pressure while remaining productive.

Background Check Process

All appointments to this position are subject to the successful completion of an in-depth background investigation conducted by the Ontario Police Department as well as a physical examination including a drug screening. The background investigation is a rigorous process which often takes several months to complete. A typical background investigation includes but is not limited to: background interviews with individuals designated by the Ontario Police Department (this may include current and former co-workers, friends, relatives, neighbors, or any other relevant individual), criminal background check, credit check, polygraph examination, and physiological evaluation. Candidates may be disqualified from further consideration during the background investigation for a variety of reasons including if they have: an excessive number of traffic citations and/or collisions; arrests and/or convictions; a history of illegal substance abuse; poor credit history (factors include bankruptcy, foreclosures, liens, repossessions, and recency); or thefts from a previous employer. For clarification of any of the above disqualifying reasons, please call Police Department Background Unit at (909) 395-2820. The following list describes some areas that are covered in the background investigation:
  • Your relatives, references, and acquaintances are asked to comment on your suitability for this position.
  • The information supplied regarding your educational history is examined and verified.
  • You must list a history of your residences.
  • Your work history and experience are examined with regard to your dependability, relationships with fellow workers, trustworthiness, and general job performance.
  • Military service records are subject to verification.
  • The background investigation considers your management of personal finances (however, being in debt does not automatically disqualify you).
  • Your criminal, driving, and insurance records are evaluated.
The Ontario Police Department

The mission of the Ontario Police Department is to protect life and property, solve neighborhood problems, and enhance the quality of life in our community. We do this by providing superior police services while fostering successful community partnerships.
Pride: Realizing law enforcement to be among the most-noble professions in the world and deriving personal and professional satisfaction from the effective performance of our duties.

Professionalism: It is not the job we do, it is how we do the job. Be engaging, considerate, and resourceful in actions, image, and conduct.

Integrity: It takes less effort to do right than it does to explain why we did wrong. The reputation of a hundred years can be undermined by the conduct of one.

Teamwork: Fulfilling relationships that instill pride, passion, and commitment through communication and performance. Learn from the past and embrace the future through empowerment, respect, and cooperation while seeking excellence.
Ontario is an economic leader in the Inland Empire, making it an excellent choice for a law enforcement career. We offer the opportunities and resources of a large department with the teamwork of a small one. Police Officers protect life and property through the enforcement of laws/ordinances and the provision of non-criminal services. Police Officers patrol an assigned beat to identify circumstances that indicate a threat to life or property and to take action to mitigate such threats.

The City of Ontario 

The City of Ontario is a dynamic leading community in the Inland Empire with a variety of full-time and part-time employment and volunteer opportunities. Ontario enjoys the reputation of being a progressive City which provides solid leadership to its citizens and to the business community. The City provides a full range of services to the community including; Police, Fire, Administrative Services, Community Services, Development, Economic Development, Housing, and the Ontario Municipal Utilities Company. The City's team is staffed with approximately 1,200 full-time and 200 part-time diverse and talented employees who work to support a common goal of providing excellent service to the community.

We invite you to learn more about the City of Ontario by reviewing the City's website. A few useful links are also listed below:

Approach to Public Service (Download PDF reader) (General guidelines for City of Ontario employees) (Information about City of Ontario benefit plans)

The Ontario Plan (The City's Comprehensive Business Plan)


Examples of Essential Functions

The essential functions typically performed by the Police Dispatcher include the following:

  • Receives, identifies, and records a variety of calls for assistance from the public related to Police services. 
  • Hears, understands, and reacts to radio and telephone communication often simultaneously.
  • Calms distressed callers, uses interview techniques to gain incident information, and enters calls for service in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Provides information to callers, prepares telephone requests for assistance, assigns incident numbers to occurring events, and refers callers to other staff/agencies as appropriate.
  • Dispatches Police personnel and equipment based on computerized recommendations, response procedure guidelines, and knowledge of agency requirements.
  • Communicates with Police personnel in the field and informs emergency command staff of pending responses from other agencies.
  • Maintains status of calls via computer screens, keyboard, and other communications equipment.
  • Conducts tests of emergency communication equipment as needed.
  • Coordinates use of radio frequencies among ground units and performs routine communication via radio paging for administrative staff.
  • Testifies credibly in court.
  • Prioritizes safety related information and analyzes complex information for situational changes.
  • Applies a working knowledge of regional geography for all the areas served by the Communications Center.
  • Serves as back up for Records Division after hours, including CLETS entries.
  • Transmits all-point bulletins received by teletype or radio to field units.
  • Contacts other agencies to check on subject warrants.
  • Runs registration checks on vehicles, property, wanted information, and driver's license status and responds to special requests.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Qualification Guidelines

The following are the minimum qualifications for the Police Dispatcher position. If you do not possess these qualifications, please consider applying for the Police Dispatcher Trainee if/when that position becomes available.


High School diploma or recognized equivalent.


One year of continuous experience in public safety emergency communications and two-way radio operations and techniques, and complaint phone processing within the last 3 years. 

POST Requirements

In addition to the experience requirements above, candidates must demonstrate successful completion of one of the following requirements as defined by Commission Regulation 1957:

  1. Proof of possession of a valid California POST Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Certificate; or
  2. Proof of successful completion of the POST-certified Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Course (80 hours minimum) and completion of probation as a public safety dispatcher during previous employment; or
  3. Completion of the POST Entry Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery.  If you have previously completed the POST Entry Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery with another agency, the City of Ontario will accept your score provided that the previous exam was completed with one year and you have a T-Score of 45 or higher.  The City of Ontario will not conduct its own written examination.
Proof of successful completion of one of the requirements listed above must be attached to your application.  Failure to attach documentation to your application will result in disqualification from the selection process. 

  • Knowledge of CLETS terminal use for law enforcement purposes.
  • Knowledge of computer video display terminal and keyboard.
  • Knowledge of geography and major road networks of the City and surrounding service areas.

Background Investigation

Candidates must demonstrate the ability to successfully complete a comprehensive background investigation conducted by the Ontario Police Department.

Special Requirements
  • Ability to work any shift in a 24-hour/day, 7-day/week operation on a rotational basis including weekends and holidays. Shift assignments are based on seniority.
  • Ability to work mandatory overtime.
  • Ability and willingness to wear mandatory uniform and communication head set.
  • Ability to type at a speed of 45 words per minute.
  • Ability to learn and retain an extensive amount of codes, terminology and procedures required to perform the basic functions of the job.

Ability to
  • Operate a current version Windows based personal computer. Operate a personal computer keyboard with sufficient speed and accuracy to accomplish the core job functions of Police Dispatcher.
  • Read, learn, and understand complex instructions and documentation including standard operating procedures, training materials, general orders, maps, and related material.
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Understand and retain complex instructions and training concepts.
  • Interact and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish, maintain, and foster positive, harmonious, and effective working relationships and demonstrate a cooperative and professional attitude at all times.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information as prescribed by law.
  • Speak to callers using clarity, courtesy, and tact.
  • Work in an environment with exposure to stressful situations which may result from pressure to provide an appropriate and timely response and follow-up required by emergency and routine events that often occur simultaneously.



Supplemental Information

Sample Career Progression

Police Dispatchers are eligible for promotion to Senior Police Dispatcher upon meeting all requirements, receiving satisfactory performance evaluations, and recommendations from management. Employees interested in promoting to the level of Police Dispatch Supervisor must meet the minimum qualifications for the position and must successfully compete in a recruitment process. The position of Police Dispatcher and subsequent positions in this career field are both challenging and rewarding due to the nature of emergency work. Below is a sample career progression for an employee in the Ontario Police Department's Communications Division.
Police Dispatcher  $4,095 - $5,030 per month
Senior Police Dispatcher $4,504 - $5,531 per month 
Police Dispatch Supervisor $6,359 - $7,728 per month 
Police Communications Manager $7,025 - $8,538 per month

Police Dispatch Probationary Period

The probationary period is to be regarded as an integral part of the testing procedures and shall be utilized for closely observing an employee's work and adjustment within the organization. Police Dispatch Trainees are subject to a probationary period of 18 months. Original and promotional appointments to the positions of Police Dispatcher, Senior Police Dispatcher, and Police Dispatch Supervisor are subject to a probationary period of 12 months. Employees within the Police Dispatcher series will not attain regular status until the successful completion of the probationary period as a Senior Police Dispatcher which could take 3.5 to 5 years following the employee's original hire date.

How to Apply

Apply online by clicking on the "Apply" link at the top of this announcement. If this is the first time applying for a position using you will be prompted to create a new user account, otherwise log in with your user name and password. Your application and responses to any supplemental questions will be used to evaluate your qualifications for this position. It is suggested that your application include the following:
  • List any relevant experience and education that demonstrates that you qualify for the position.
  • List all periods of employment for at least the past 10 years, beginning with your most recent or present employer (including, if applicable, all employment with the City of Ontario).
  • Separately list each position held, including different positions with the same employer.
A resume may be attached to your application but will not substitute for the proper completion of your application. Applications that are not properly completed may be rejected.

Supplemental Questions

To complete your application for this position you will be prompted to respond to supplemental questions. This information will be used as part of the application screening and selection process and is designed to help you present your qualifications for this position. This may include a selection step in which your application and supplemental questions are reviewed and scored by a panel of raters familiar with this position.

Incomplete responses, false statements, omission, or partial information may result in disqualification from the selection process. Your responses should be consistent with the information provided on your application.

Please provide succinct, concise, descriptive, and detailed information for each question. If you have no experience, write "no experience" for the appropriate question.

Email Notices

Email is the primary way that the Human Resources or Hiring Department will communicate with you. Please check your email account (including the SPAM folder) on a regular basis for any emails related to the application or selection process. Emails from the city of Ontario will come from "" or "" If you change your email address after submitting your application please visit and update your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions regarding the application process, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Job Post Expiration Date   February 2, 2018

    All jobs posted are considered open until filled and may close at anytime except as stated in the Job Description. .