Economic Development Director - City of Hondo, TX

Title: Economic Development Director
Type: Economic Development/Redevelopment
Date Posted: October 19, 2022
Organization: City of Hondo, TX
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Economic Development Director

The purpose of this position is to provide Economic Development services for the City of Hondo. This is accomplished by planning and executing economic development programs and projects, working with new and existing partners to create and implement development incentives, developing budgets and overseeing budget expenditures within the parameters of the Section 4B Sales Tax, obtaining and monitoring grants, and working with state and local agencies to secure funding and training to enhance the economic development program.

This position reports to the City Manager.


Note: This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions below does not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent in this position. 

# Code Essential Functions % of Time
1 M Plans and executes economic development programs and projects; works with new and existing partners to create and implement development incentives; identifies and prioritizes development opportunities; recommends the economic development budget; monitors revenues and expenditures; and serves as liaison to the City of Hondo Economic Development Corporation. 60%
2 M Identifies and assesses funding opportunities for economic development; supports sustainable growth within the community; and facilitates capital investment to provide jobs for Citizens and to increase the City’s property tax base and sales tax base. 20%
3 M Manages and oversees grants for Economic Development, which includes, seeking grants, preparing applications, monitoring progress, recommending payments, and ensuring compliance with grant requirements 20%



-Description of Minimum Job Requirements-

Formal Education Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with a major coursework in Business or Public Administration, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred
Experience Three years of increasing responsible experience in supervising and managing an airport, economic development or similar operation.
Supervision Work requires the occasional direction of helpers, assistants, seasonal employees, interns, volunteers or temporary employees.
Human Collaboration Skills Final decisions regarding policy development and implementation are made and/or recommended as part of interactions. Interaction with others outside the organization requires exercising participative management skills that support team efforts and quality processes as well as dispute resolution.
Freedom to Act Receives Administrative Direction: Within this job, the employee normally performs the duty assignment within broad parameters defined by general organizational requirements and accepted practices. Total end results determine effectiveness of job performance. This is typically a high level management, professional, or executive position.
Technical Skills Advanced: Work requires advanced skills and knowledge in approaches and systems, which affect the design and implementation of major programs and/or processes organization-wide. Independent judgment and decision-making abilities are necessary to apply technical skills effectively.
Fiscal Responsibility  Has responsibility for final approval of budgetary recommendations to the City Manager. Monitors progress toward fiscal objectives and adjusts plans as necessary to reach them.
Reading Advanced - Ability to read literature, books, reviews, scientific or technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and/or legal documents. Ordinarily, such education is obtained at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
Math Advanced - Ability to apply fundamental concepts of theories, work with advanced mathematical operations methods, and functions of real and complex variables. Ordinarily, such education is obtained at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
Writing Advanced - Ability to write editorials, journals, speeches, manuals, or critiques. Ordinarily, such education is obtained at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
Certification & Other Requirements Valid Texas Driver's License



Light: Exerting up to 20 lbs. occasionally, 10 lbs. frequently, or negligible amounts constantly OR requires walking or standing to a significant degree.



2/3 or more of the time
From 1/3 to 2/3 of the time.
Up to 1/3 of the time.
Less than 1 hour per week
Never occurs.

Note: This is intended as a description of the way the job is currently performed. It does not address the potential for accommodation.

Physical Demand   Frequency  Brief Description 
Standing F making presentations, communicating with co-workers, observing work site, observing work duties
Sitting O desk work, meetings, driving
Walking F to other departments/offices/office equipment, around work site
Lifting O files, supplies, equipment
Carrying O files, supplies, equipment
Pushing/Pulling O file drawers, equipment, tables and chairs, hose
Reaching O for supplies, for files
Handling F paperwork
Fine Dexterity  F computer keyboard, calculator, telephone pad
Kneeling R filing in lower drawers, retrieving items from lower shelves/ground
Crouching R filing in lower drawers, retrieving items from lower shelves/ground
Crawling N  
Bending R retrieving items from lower shelves/ground, making repairs
Twisting F from computer to telephone, getting inside vehicle
Climbing F ladders, stairs, step stool
Balancing O on ladders, on step stool, on equipment
Vision F driving, observing work site, reading, computer screen
Hearing F communicating with co-workers and public and on telephone, listening to equipment
Talking F communicating with co-workers and public and on telephone
Foot Controls F Driving
Other (specified if applicable)    


Telephone, copier, fax, vehicle, calculator, computer and associated hardware and software.



C Continuously

F Frequently O Occasionally R Rarely N Never
Mechanical Hazards O
Chemical Hazards R
Electrical Hazards R
Fire Hazards R
Explosives N
Communicable Diseases N
Physical Danger or Abuse N
Other  N


Daily W Several Times Per Week M Several Times Per Month Seasonally Never
Respiratory Hazards W
Extreme Temperatures D
Noise and Vibration M
Wetness/Humidity D
Physical Hazards N





From 1/3 to 2/3 of the time
Up to 1/3 of the time
Less than 1 hour per week
Never occurs
Description of Non-Physical Demands Frequency
Time Pressure F
Emergency Situation O
Frequent Change of Tasks O
Irregular Work Schedule/Overtime O
Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously F
Working Closely with Others as Part of a Team F
Tedious or Exacting Work O
Noisy/Distracting Environment O
Other N



Office Environment 

How to Apply

The City of Hondo will offer a salary depending on experience and qualifications. The City provides a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and life for all employees and pays 50% of an employee's dependent care coverage. The City participates in the Texas Municipal Retirement System featuring a 7% employee contribution with a 2:1 employer match. This is an excellent opportunity for the right candidate.

If you believe you're the right fit for the City of Hondo, submit your resume to Scott Albert at

Job Post Expiration Date December 18, 2022

  All jobs are considered open until filled, unless otherwise posted.