Director of Facility Engineering & Environmental - VIA Metropolitan Transit, TX

Title: Director of Facility Engineering & Environmental
Type: Facilities Management
Date Posted: February 28, 2023
Organization: VIA Metropolitan Transit, TX
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This is a critical senior level management position which is responsible for the overall management of various departments within VIA’s Fleet and Facilities Division as follows: 

Facility Engineering – Direct management of department staff which are responsible for all aspects, from inception to completion, of Facilities Maintenance Engineering related construction and repair projects.  

Facility Maintenance – Working through the department manager, overall responsible for all aspects, from inception to completion, of VIA’s Facility 

Maintenance Department to minimally include the maintenance and repair of all of VIA’s properties, facilities, grounds, and equipment.  

Passenger Amenities - Working through the department manager, overall responsible for all aspects, from inception to completion, of VIA’s Passenger Amenities department to minimally include the maintenance, repair, landscaping, and cleaning of VIA’s bus stops and shelters, Transit and Park and Ride facilities. 

Environmental Management - Working through the department manager, overall responsible for leading VIA’s overall Environmental and Sustainability Management program to minimally include oversight and enhancement of the existing program with an emphasis on the education, training, and enforcing VIA’s ISO 14001 program regulatory requirements. 


This position is overall Responsible for: 

High level professional leadership, mentoring and teambuilding efforts for all levels of technical and non-technical staff assigned to all departments reporting to this position. 

Building, mentoring, and maintaining a high level of teamwork and morale, resulting in top level quality and performance of work performed.  

Leads assigned departments in the overall development of goals and objectives, planning, documentation, task assignment and management, timely execution, and executive Board level reporting of assignments when required. 

Development, implementation, and administration of short to long-range plans, with an emphasis on projects that meet/exceed State of Good Repair requirements resulting in top level performance, appearance, and cost effectiveness. 

Review further development, and administration of processes and procedures that ensure all VIA Facility related and Environmental regulatory compliance requirements are met in a complete, acceptable, and timely manner. 

Leads and works with each department on the development and completion of project scopes/specifications and contract agreements for complex Fleet and Facilities projects, professional services, and maintenance activities. 

Chairs and serves on contractual evaluation committees for all construction, equipment, and other related services. 

Evaluates services and construction contracts, makes recommendations on award of contracts, evaluates contract/task order modification, and monitors construction activities for contract compliance and technical matters. 

Provides project management on complex construction and equipment oversight, to include the tracking, updating, timely completion and reporting out on all departments under this position’s leadership. 

Ensures all departments work closely and succinctly together to ensure continuity of all projects resulting in well thought out, timely and cohesive end results. 

Develops, administers, tracks, and performs detailed analysis of all department capital and operating budget related transactions to ensure accurate and cost-effective expenditures to each department’s budgets. 

Conducts facility and equipment repair/replace cost analyses. Prepares cost/benefit analyses for planning and contract proposal evaluation. 

Serves as the divisions design and construction contact and lead representative for all VIA facility related projects, utilizing both internal and external staffing resources. 

Responsible for reviewing contracts and for monitoring and determining contract completeness, evaluates contract/task order modifications to assure technical compliance, procurement document packaging, and monitors construction activities for contract compliance and technical matters to meet Federal, State, and local law. 

Responsible for managing and documenting multiple project timelines, assigns manpower resource allocations for project implementation, schedules work and coordinates with the Procurement Department on documents required for the procurement process. 

Reviews, edits, and approved contract documents for all departments under this position’s leadership. 

Maintains strict confidentiality in communications and handling of confidential documents.  

Communicates & coordinates VIA’s design and construction projects with other municipalities to ensure compliance with building codes, building officials and municipal staff. 

Responsible for implementing and monitoring, energy, and water conservation programs  long with recycling programs. Ensures compliance with all facility related safety and environmental regulations. Promotes safety and good housekeeping throughout VIA. 

Engages in strong leadership and innovative thinking in positioning VIA as a well-regarded, community leader in the implementation of highly effective programs of environmental stewardship. 

Oversees the development, implementation, and administration of VIA’s Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS) with use of policy, benchmarks, goals, procedures, and performance metrics to ensure agency adherence to environmental and sustainability plans. 

Prepares recommendations for sustainability policy, strategy, goals and objectives for executive management review. 

Responsible for the development and administration of annual condition assessment of all Passenger Amenities assets. 

Overall responsible for addressing and satisfying all customer concerns regarding all assigned departments 


Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, and at least 5 years of high-level professional experience in a large-scale facility related operations to include: project management, the maintenance, design, and construction of facility buildings and grounds, Passenger Amenities, and Environmental Management operations, or an acceptable combination thereof, preferably in the transit industry. Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be acceptable. Licensed by the state board of registration in Texas as a professional engineer (PE) is desired.  


Must be able to work with administrative direction only. Has responsibility for program and project results limited by company policy and budgets. 

Must be capable of planning, organizing, and controlling the Architectural and Engineering segment of VIA’s business, giving clear and concise direction to Staff and consultants for the effective completion of departmental programs and projects. 

Construction management knowledge of materials, methods, and schedules.  

Knowledge of scheduling and cost and document control best practices in Project Management.  

Managing contractor requested change requests. 

Required to travel to construction sites to confer on necessary work. 

Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of capital project analysis with the organization and ability to apply these to practical situations.  

Meet and deal tactfully with the public and employees and maintain effective working relationships.  

Good judgement and analytical skills.  

Specific knowledge of Federal and State procurement procedures.  

Knowledge, expertise, and experience of environmental rules and regulations and their enforcement.  

Excellent mathematical, writing, and verbal communication skills and be able to read, understand, and compose complex materials.  

Large scale project management techniques to minimally include the development of schedules and timeline diagrams.  

Create and interpret reports, conduct meetings, and give high level oral and PowerPoint type presentations to internal and external participants.  

Experience in working in a union environment preferred. 

Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and make public presentations. 

Prepare technical reports, letters, notices, and memorandums suitable for public release. 

Maintain professional and effective working relationships with VIA associates, subordinates, vendors, and representatives of outside agencies. 

Must be able to persuade actions from personnel at all levels of the VIA organization and individuals outside of the organization using considerable tact, discretion, and professionalism. 

Have a thorough knowledge of safety, environmental, and hazardous material handling procedures, and regulations common to office, public, fleet, and industrial environments. 

Maintain confidentiality of highly sensitive knowledge and materials such as employee records, procurement and planning documents, legal issues Understand and adapt to the accounting practices employed by VIA’s Fiscal Management Division. 

Effectively identify, research, and resolve issues of varying complexity. 

Strong analytical skills, sound judgment, and decision-making capability. 

Operating on a 24-hour per day, 365-day per year on call basis and be prepared to report for duty at any time if required. 

May be required to fill in and assume the responsibilities of the VP of Fleet and Facilities or other Director positions during absences.  

Must be able to maintain good work attendance. 

Safety Accountability Statement: 

  • Employees must consider safety in all tasks performed, as well as demonstrate safe judgment and decisions that not only maintain their own safety; but that of fellow employees and customers. 

  • Demonstrate a professional commitment to assure compliance with all organizational policies, practices, and programs; related to safety, health, and system security. 

  • Employees have a responsibility to identify and report hazards, as well as potentially unsafe conditions, to your immediate supervisor or Safety Department. 

  • Employees are responsible, and required, to stop a job/task to prevent an unsafe incident or act from occurring. This acknowledges the threat of potential injury, property damage and the opportunity for better judgment to be used 

 Must support VIA’s EEO and Diversity Programs. 


Must be able to frequently walk, sit, stand, be around moving machinery, extremes in temperature/humidity, exposure to dust, fumes and gas, exposure to noise, requires simple grasping, fine manipulation, and medium dexterity.  

Occasionally lift objects weighing 5-25 pounds such as parts, files, supplies, and reference books. 


General office/executive environment  

Work involves exposure to dust, fumes, gases, noise, and unfavorable weather conditions.  

Work in a high intensity, transparent environment with rigid service quotas, goals, objectives, and a high degree of accountability.  


Job Post Expiration Date June 30, 2023

  All jobs are considered open until filled, unless otherwise posted.