EEO & Diversity Officer - VIA Metropolitan Transit, TX

Title: EEO & Diversity Officer
Type: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Date Posted: February 28, 2023
Organization: VIA Metropolitan Transit, TX
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Position is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program; responsible for the coordination of Agency Title VI compliance requirement; Oversees compliance of Title VI and Title VII requirements by sub-recipients. May conduct investigations and addresses complaints of alleged discrimination as related to the Title VII, Title VI, ADA, and local Non-Discrimination Ordinances. Works to promote a positive work environment through Issue Resolution Procedure intervention with employees and external clients. Position conducts work independently and reports to the President/CEO or Deputy CEO on EEO and compliance matters of significance.  


EEO/Title VI 

Monitors disciplinary actions for disparate impact. 

Makes recommendations to Division Vice Presidents and Managers regarding non–discriminatory personnel practices. 

Develops, recommends, and implements EEO policies, EEO plans/program and procedures to successfully define and attain Agency’s EEO goals and comply with applicable Federal, State and Local laws. 

Coordinates and collaborates with internal subject matter experts to ensure compliance with Title VI Circular 4702.B requirements and submits/presents VIA’s Title VI Program to the Federal Transit Administration, VIA Board of Trustees, Auditors, President/CEO and VIA management. 

Responsible for the development, implementation, coordination, and management of VIA’s Language Assistance Plan for the LEP community. 

Responsible for disseminating and communicating current information on rules and regulations governing equal employment opportunities and for reporting periodically to the President/CEO and Management on the progress of VIA’s EEO goal implementation; implements EEO recommendations approved by the President/CEO or his/her designee. 

Monitors and conducts adverse impact analysis of employment practices with emphasis on personnel processes and procedures related to hiring, promotions, transfers, terminations, disciplinary actions, and training. Monitors and concurs all employment actions ensuring employment actions are formulated and implemented equitably based on EEO guidelines. 

Serves as EEO and Title VI Program liaison to federal, state, and local government regulatory agencies and communities. Responds to inquiries originated from such agencies. 

Responsible for developing, coordinating, and ensuring implementation of all EEO, Title VI and LEP training for VIA’s workforce. 

Works closely with the Procurement department to monitor EEO and Title VI compliance by VIA’s sub-recipients and contractors. 

Responsible for the investigation and response to internal and external complaints alleging discrimination under Title VII (EEO), Title VI, ADA and other applicable Civil Rights groups.  

Makes recommendations to Division Vice Presidents and managers regarding non-discriminatory personnel practices. 

Serves on internal committees responsible for ensuring equity and compliance with federal non-discrimination laws. 

Works closely with VIA’s legal staff on EEO matters 

This job description excludes marginal functions that are incidental to performing the job. Other duties may exist. 


Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Human Resources, or related field and at least 5 years of experience in developing, overseeing, coordinating, and implementing an EEO or Diversity Program or an acceptable. combination of both education and relevant experience; a minimum of two years of supervisory experience is preferred.  


Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws/ordinances related to EEO/AA, Diversity and Title VI. 

Excellent working knowledge of investigation methods.  

Demonstrated ability to interview and communicate effectively. 

Involvement with local minority organizations, women's and diversity groups, community action organizations and community service programs designed to promote Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.  

Familiarity in processes utilized to conduct periodic audits on all aspects of employment in order to identify and to remove barriers obstructing the achievement of specified EEO goals and objectives. 

Must be able to analyze data to determine patterns of discriminatory employment practices 

Must be able to analyze problems, identify alternate solutions, project consequences of actions and implement recommendations in support of goals.  

Must be able to prepare factual, accurate, comprehensive, and detailed reports. 

Sensitivity to, and an awareness of, the varied ways in which discrimination occurs. 

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with different groups in a diverse workplace and community. 

Must be able to apply active listening techniques to obtain complete and accurate information. 

Exercises good independent judgment, safeguards sensitive information and adheres to high standards of confidentiality and honesty. 

Experience in public speaking. 

Must be able to organize or assist in coordinating programs. 

Good working knowledge of PCs and Microsoft office software. 

Effective internal and external working relationships 

Must be able to analyze information, exercise judgment and make recommendations. 

Must be able to maintain good work attendance. 

Safety Accountability Statement: 

  • Employees must consider safety in all tasks performed, as well as demonstrate safe judgment and decisions that not only maintain their own safety; but that of fellow employees and customers. 

  • Demonstrate a professional commitment to assure compliance with all organizational policies, practices, and programs; related to safety, health, and system security. 

  • Employees have a responsibility to identify and report hazards, as well as potentially unsafe conditions, to your immediate supervisor or Safety Department. 

  • Employees are responsible, and required, to stop a job/task to prevent an unsafe incident or act from occurring. This acknowledges the threat of potential injury, property damage and the opportunity for better judgment to be used. 

Must comply with and support VIA’s EEO policies and the Diversity Program.  


Requires ability to periodically lift up to 10 lbs. 

Must be able to verbally make presentations. 

Must be able to periodically move from one work site location to another. 

Must be able to attend meetings and other off property functions. 


Works in normal office environment.  

May require irregular hours. 

Job Post Expiration Date November 30, 2023

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