Senior Planner - City of Keller, TX

Title: Senior Planner
Type: Community Development
Date Posted: March 7, 2023
Organization: City of Keller, TX
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Schedule: Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 5:30pm, with some evenings required.

Position Function - Under the direction of the Assistant Director and/or Designee, performs assigned duties necessary to process and review applications for plats, development plans, site plans, special use permits, zoning verification letters, variance applications, zoning and ordinance amendments and other planning applications for compliance with all applicable standards. Responsible to assist in maintaining the highest of standards and compliance with the City’s development strategies: the Unified Development Code, the Future Land Use Plan, urban planning practices,and other related loval, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Essential Duties % of Performance  
Performs assigned duties necessary to process and review applications (plats, development plans, site plans, special use permits, zoning requests, variance applications, zoning and ordinance amendments) for compliance with all applicable regulations and ordinances. Requires researching the Tarrant Appraisal District Metadata and the City of Keller's Laserfiche and hard copy files for plats, conveyance documents, ownership information, etc. Develops related staff reports, resolutions, and ordinances and presents the applications to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the City Council. Works with all Development Review Committee divisions and departments (Building Services, Code Enforcement, Fire Department, Public Works, Economic Development, GIS, etc.) for both development requests as well as violations of the related codes. This position also is the primary contact for and has the responsibility to manage the addressing of property and noticig the other departments and governmental agencies of the changes or new addresses in the City of Keller.   80%      
Performs assigned duties necessary to develop maps and other graphic presentations to illustrate land use plans and planning concepts; assists in maintaining land planning records, files and maps. Assists with Open Records Requests and Records Retention.  15%      
Performs additional duties as assigned. 5%      
        Total: 100%      
Physical Demand Frequency        
Balancing O        
Bending R        
Carrying F        
Climbing R   Legend
Crawling R        
Crouching O   C - Continuous
Fine Dexterity F        
Foot Controls O   F - Frequently
Handling F        
Hearing C   O - Occasionally
Kneeling R        
Lifting O   R - Rarely
Pushing/Pulling F        
Reaching  F   N - Never
Standing F        
Sitting F        
Stooping O        
Twisting O        
Vision C        
Walking O        
Physical Demand Descriptions
(The following descriptions are provided as an example of potential physical and/or sensory activities and does not address the potential for reasonable accommodation; it is intended as general examples of possible physical/sensory demands that might occur during the performance of the position functions/duties, and are not intended to be all inclusive.)
Bending/Climbing/Balancing - picking up supplies, files, boxes, maps and schematics; and stairs, walking, standing, site inspections, drill exercises, uneven terrain, etc.
Carrying/Lifting - supplies, files, boxes, maps, schematics, work aids, etc. 
Fine Dexterity - telephone, keyboard, "ten key" or calculator, computer hardware, software usage, etc.
Foot Controls - driving, standing, stairs, walking, uneven terrain, etc. 
Hearing - customer assistance, telephone, verbal direction, meetings, work site, etc.
Pushing/Pulling/Reaching - supplies, files, file boxes, retrieving, work aids/tools, etc.
Standing - making presentations, assisting customers, directing meetings, site inspections, drill exercises, etc.
Sitting - desk work, meetings, driving, etc.
Vision - computer and desk work, site inspections, budget, invoices, contracts, driving, plans review, etc. 
Walking - to and from office; around office; to and from buildings; assisting customers; etc.
Machines, Tools, Equipment and/or Work Aids
(The following list is intended to provide examples of possible machines, equipment, tools and/or work aids that might be needed to perform position functions/duties and should not to be construed as a comprehensive or complete catalog.  This list does not include and does not supersede any requirements with respect to safety or protective equipment, uniforms, apparel, gear or apparatuses required for the performance of any duties described herein.)
Audio/Visual, Calculator, Computer, Copier, Facsimile, Keyboard, Office Supplies, Scanner, Software, Telephone, Geographic Information Systems, Vehicle, Plats, Blue Prints, Schematics, Hardhat, Safety Vest and Equipment, etc. 
Duties are generally performed in an office environment. Possible exposure to dust, mold and electricity. Duties may also require prolonged periods of outdoor activities, which may produce exposure to inclement weather, ozone and/or allergens.
Required knowledge and experience is normally obtained through the completion of an advanced education from an accredited educational institution of higher learning resulting in a Bachelor's Degree in Urban Planning, Community Development, Civil Engineering, Public Administration or related field, and three (3) to five (5) years of work related experience is required.
Master's Degree in related field is preferred. 
An American Institute of Certified Planners designation is preferred. 
Work requires the ability to read and understand job and industry related literature, legislation, codes, ordinances, and/or judicial rulings.
Work requires the ability to write agenda items including staff memos, resolutions, and ordinances.
Work requires substantial independent judgment and decision-making.  
Work is widely varied, involving analysis and evaluation of many complex and significant variables. 
Ability to develop and/or recommend organization-wide policies, procedures or precedents that have impact upon the community and standards of operations.  
Ability to learn and remain up-to-date on Federal, State and City applicable regulations, best practices and policies affecting department activities, the organization and/or community.  
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, contractors, business owners, City Staff and the general public.  
Ability to work under high demands, short time constraints, and the pressure of a fast-paced work environment.
Ability to read, understand and interpret blue prints, schematics, plats, maps, easements, access rights agreements, etc. 
Competent in the use of Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point software and the ability to learn and use department-specific software. 
Must be able to monitor and assess operations, workload, and projects. 
Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills.  
Must be able to research, compile and analyze data, and then present findings to the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council and City Manager in an acceptable format.  
Must be able to work outside normal business hours. 
Must possess a valid Texas Class C driver license.  
Must pass all post offer pre-employment processes and/or procedures, to include but not limited to Drug Screen, Physical Examination, and applicable Background Checks.

Job Post Expiration Date May 8, 2023

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