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Water Operator - Rochester, MN (ID: 320318)

Title Water Operator
Type Water and Wastewater
Date Posted 2019-01-08
City / Organization Rochester, MN
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Water Operator
Rochester Public Utilities

RPU, a division of the City of Rochester, MN, is the largest municipal utility in the State of Minnesota. RPU serves over 50,000 electric customers and over 39,000 water customers in a 57 square mile service area, and has revenues nearing $170 million annually.

Vision- "We Will Set the Standard for Service"

Our vision is based on six core values which are Safety, Integrity, Service, Stewardship, Accountability, and Skill.
Nature of Work
The Water Operator is responsible for daily operation of the municipal water supply and distribution system to include wells, booster stations, chemical treatment equipment, and water storage facilities. This individual monitors water system performance and operates the system to ensure peak efficiency and reliability. The Water Operator also provides backup service to customers needing assistance with water system related problems and is called on from time to time to perform maintenance on various components of the water system.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Individuals working in this position
  • must maintain annual CPR training
  • must be willing to accept overtime assignments as required
  • must be able to hold ongoing certification of capability to use self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and respiratory protection devices as required by City, State and Federal regulations or guidelines
  • are required to work rotating shifts
  • are on-call until the next day shift begins when working the evening shift
  • may be required to perform the relief operator role working a 10-hour day shift four times per week OR providing backup for another operator working a day or evening shift.



*Perform these listed tasks in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

  • Monitor and control the operation of wells, booster stations, pumping units, chemical feed systems, water storage facilities, the distribution system, and the water SCADA system so as to meet customer water demands.
  • Install/test/repair water treatment chemical storage/feeding system equipment; transfer treatment chemicals from bulk storage to well sites, so that chemical treatment operations comply with related local/Minnesota/federal standards, rules and regulations.
  • Test/repair water meters.
  • Monitor groundwater static and pumping levels, water system treatment chemical and electrical energy consumption, and other process monitoring and control parameter.
  • Collect weekly water quality samples and accomplish water quality laboratory tests.
  • Maintain needed water system operations records.
  • Other miscellaneous water system operation-related duties.
  • Maintain and account for vehicles, equipment, and tools used in water system operations activities

* Minimize the frequency and duration of customer water service interruptions.

* Provide service to customers during the evening shift to resolve water system related problems.

* Complete thorough daily reports of work accomplished and materials used as required by the maintenance and construction section's Work Management and Plant Maintenance systems.

* Comply with RPU, Minnesota and federal work safety rules and regulations.

Perform other duties assigned or necessary.




Education and Experience
High School diploma or equivalent GED and completion of a formal Water Operator training program and one (1) year of relevant experience in water system operation and maintenance.
A high school diploma or equivalent GED and three (3) years of relevant experience in water system operation and maintenance.

Licenses and Certifications
Minnesota Class B Commercial Driver's License with Hazardous Materials Certificate and Air Brake Endorsement required within 90 days as a condition of continued employment.

Minnesota Class D Water Supply System Operator Certificate at time of hire with ability to obtain
Minnesota Class C Water Supply System Operator Certificate within 18 months as a condition of continued employment.

Attendance at water industry related conferences and seminars


Employees in this position are required to use hearing protection and the City of Rochester will conform to all State and Federal requirements in administering this program.  

Employees currently in the position or individuals hired for this position must be able to meet medical qualifications for the use of a respirator and be able to work in confined spaces. This position requires the use of a "negative pressure full-face respirator" where the employee must be able to maintain OSHA required respirator medical certification, pass annual respirator training, pass annual fit test, remain clean shaven where the respirator face-piece meets the face while on duty and be able to demonstrate appropriate use of negative pressure full-face respirator (and other respirators as deemed necessary by management) on at least an annual basis.

The drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures of the City of Rochester will conform to the requirements of state law as set forth in the Minnesota Statutes Sections 181.950 through 181.957, as well as the requirements of federal law as set forth in the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

In order to provide timely services, RPU has designated specific positions which must comply with an area residency requirement, based on job-related necessity where employees in such positions must reside within twenty (20) driving miles of their normally scheduled work reporting location.

New Hires:
Individuals hired for designated positions with RPU covered by an area residency requirement who do not meet this requirement shall be allowed no more than twelve (12) months, from their date of hire, in order to meet the twenty (20) driving mile requirement.

Current Employees:
RPU employees in designated positions covered by the area residency requirement and who reside at a location that allows them to report to work within thirty (30) minutes from the time notified, prior to March 9, 2012, shall be deemed to comply with RPU's area residency requirement provided that they remain at their current address. If a current RPU employee in a designated position covered by the area residency requirement relocates, their new address/residence must be located within twenty (20) driving miles of their normally scheduled work reporting location and notice must be given to their immediate supervisor prior to relocating to ensure compliance with the area residency requirement.

Promotional Opportunities:
Promotions to designated RPU positions covered by an area residency requirement shall be withheld from employees whose address/residence is located more than twenty (20) driving miles from the normally scheduled work reporting location of their new position, with the exception of employees who are willing to relocate within 12 months from date of promotion in order to comply with the twenty (20) driving mile area residence requirement; OR employees who immediately prior to their promotion were in a designated position and resided at a location that allowed them to report to work within thirty (30) minutes from the time notified.

Noncompliance with Residency Requirements:
In the event that an employee fails to comply with the residency requirement, the employee will be considered to no longer meet the minimum requirements of the position. In such instance, the City will take formal action, up to and including termination. An employee may be granted an extension if there is credible basis, as determined by the employer, for justification as to why the employee has failed to comply. Said basis shall consist of circumstances not caused or controlled by the employee.

Knowledge of: water system hydraulics and alternating current electrical systems;

Skill in: applying mechanical aptitude and mathematical/algebra skills; communicating in both oral and written forms; operating a computer proficiently using word processing, spreadsheet and database software.

Ability to: read plan sheets, maps, schematics and technical manuals; operate motorized vehicles, equipment, and tools.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the following represents the physical and environmental demands for this position. The employee must be able to perform the essential functions with or without accommodation.

In consideration of the overall amount of physical effort required to perform this position, the work is best described as Medium to Heavy Work: Exerting from 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects.

Physical demands that may be required continuously (2/3 or more of the time), frequently (1/3 to 2/3 of the time), and occasionally (up to 1/3 of the time) are noted below:

Continuous demands: standing

Frequent demands: walking, lifting, climbing

Occasional demands: sitting, fine dexterity, driving; bending, crawling, kneeling, crouching

Sensory requirements necessary in the performance of the essential functions of this position include sight, hearing, smell and touch

Environmental conditions that may exist in the performance of the essential functions of this job include:

Extreme cold (below 32 degrees)
Extreme heat (above 100 degrees)
Noise (need to shout in order to be heard)
Vibration (exposure to oscillating movements of the extremities or whole body)
Exposure to dust/gas/fumes/steam/chemicals
Work outdoors (no effective protection from weather)
Walk on uneven ground (gravel, rocks, mounds, construction sites)
Work at heights (such as on scaffolding or ladders)
Working around moving machinery (fork-lifts, tractors, mowers)
Protective equipment required (respirator, mask, earplugs, gloves, eyewear, etc.)

CREATED 07/1999
REVISED 06/2000, 09/2008, 11/2014, 03/2016, 12/2017

Job Post Expiration Date   February 3, 2019

    All jobs posted are considered open until filled and may close at anytime except as stated in the Job Description. .