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Certified Operator/Laborer In Training - Noblesville, IN (ID: 320325)

Title Certified Operator/Laborer In Training
Type Water and Wastewater
Date Posted 2019-01-08
City / Organization Noblesville, IN
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Purpose of Position

Incumbent serves as Certified Operator/Laborer in Training for the Wastewater Utility Department, responsible for maintaining/repairing wastewater treatment facilities and collection systems.

Essential Job Functions

Assists in monitoring performance of all wastewater treatment plant equipment, including checking/ adjusting/calibrating control equipment daily as scheduled, recording data, such as sludge, effluent and raw sewage flows, wet well levels, and tank conditions.

Repairs/maintains equipment according to schedule or as needed, such as pumping out primary tanks, decanting tanks, starting/operating/ shutting down equipment, hosing walls and tanks, removing/cleaning grit dumpsters, cleaning wires and bar screens, and lubricating parts.

Collects and performs minor tests on wastewater samples, according to local, Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. Properly disposes of hazardous wastes.

Assist with repairing/replacing pumps, motors, filters, aerators, heaters, switches as needed.

Assists in monitoring and maintaining lift stations, including Operating pumps and valves to control/ adjust flow and treatment process, removing excess grease, operating reset buttons in control boxes, checking atmosphere for gas accumulation, replacing pump floats, and pulling/repairing/replacing pumps.

Assists in responding to complaints, inquiries and requests as assigned, such as sewer back-ups, flooding, sewer odors, and lift station alarms, including inspecting sites, identifying source of problem, and explaining findings to supervisor.

Frequently inspects manholes, tanks, vaults, sanitary sewer and combined sewer systems for proper functioning. Cleans/rods and flushes collection system lines, and operates sewer camera and performs various tests to locate leaking or damaged pipes, such as smoke and dye tests. 

Performs labor and operates various vehicles, tools and equipment as part of a work crew in constructing and maintaining collection system lines, such as cutting pavement, digging ditches, and cutting, fitting, installing, tapping, repairing and replacing pipes, gates and fittings.

Assists in training personnel as needed.

Returns roads, sidewalks and yards to original condition, including repairing/replacing/raising castings, filling around manholes with asphalt/concrete, and cleaning work site. Ensures proper placement of warning, detour and related signs as needed during repair operations as per INDOT work zone safety requirements.

Maintains plant and lift station grounds, including mowing, removing weeds, brush, snow and trash.

Notifies residential and commercial property owners of disruption of services as needed.

Contacts appropriate sources in locating underground utility lines prior to excavation for department projects, and locates City underground infrastructure for others as requested. Notifies residential and commercial property owners of disruption of services as needed.

Documents various tasks on prescribed forms as required.

Assists in maintaining vehicles, equipment and tools, including washing/cleaning, regularly checking for proper fluid levels and mechanical operation, changing oil, and referring needed repairs to supervisor.

Assists in ordering parts and supplies, including researching availability, obtaining price quotes and placing orders as approved by supervisor.

Job Requirements

High school diploma or GED, with experience in a wastewater utility or collection system preferred.

Ability to meet applicable requirements of Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Ability to learn how to make practical application of Department and OSHA safety policies and procedures, and ability to perform basic plumbing and electrical repairs and properly operate a variety of hand and power tools, vehicles and heavy equipment, including wrenches, screw drivers, drills, jack hammer, air compressors, televising equipment, power saws, cement mixer, rodder, backhoe, pickup, jetting/vacuum, and dump trucks.

Ability to learn how to make practical application of state and EPA wastewater treatment regulations and standard laboratory procedures.

Working knowledge of universal health precautions, the City's Bloodborne Pathogens Control Plan, the Utility's Written Safety Programs, and ability to apply such knowledge on the job to protect oneself from infection and injury.

Ability to physically perform assigned duties, including hearing sounds/communication, close vision, standing/walking for long periods, climbing stairs, pushing/pulling/lifting/carrying objects weighing no more than 50 pounds, reaching, bending, crouching/kneeling, handling/grasping/fingering objects, depth perception, and periodically exerting continuous physical effort for long periods.

Ability to learn how to properly use department computer using word processing, spreadsheet, database, and GIS software.

Ability to learn how to read and interpret instruments, gauges and dials.

Ability to accurately prepare documents and maintain detailed records as required.

Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions and work with others in a team environment.

Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers, other City departments and the public, including being sensitive to professional ethics, gender, cultural diversities and disabilities.

Ability to occasionally work extended, weekend and/or evening hours, work other shifts as needed, and occasionally travel out of town for training, sometimes overnight.

Ability to serve on 24-hour call and respond swiftly, rationally and decisively to emergency situations.

Possession of a valid Indiana driver's license, a demonstrated safe driving record, and must remain insurable through the City of Noblesville's liability insurance carrier. (Refer to the Civilian Personnel Policy for additional information.)

Ability to obtain an Indiana commercial drivers license, within six months of hire in date.

Work Environment

Incumbent's duties involve hearing sounds/communication, close vision, standing/walking for long periods, climbing stairs, pushing/pulling/lifting/carrying objects weighing no more than 50 pounds, reaching, bending, crouching/kneeling, handling/grasping/fingering objects, and depth perception. Duties may involve continuous physical exertion, but prolonged intense physical strain is not associated with normal duties.

Incumbent performs duties in a wastewater treatment plant, vehicle and outdoors involving exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other infectious materials, traffic, noise, grease, dirt, dust, vehicle and methane fumes, chemicals, extreme temperatures and inclement weather. Incumbent occasionally works on ladders and in confined areas, such as manholes, tanks, vaults, and pipes. Safety precautions must be followed at all times to avoid injury to self and others. Incumbent must wear City furnished uniforms and safety equipment including safety shoes.

Incumbent occasionally works extended, evening and/or weekend hours, work other shifts as needed, and occasionally travels out of town for training, sometimes overnight. Incumbent serves on 24-hour call for emergencies.

This position is identified as having occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials.

Job Post Expiration Date   February 8, 2019

    All jobs posted are considered open until filled and may close at anytime except as stated in the Job Description. .