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Wastewater Superintendent - Idaho Falls, ID (ID: 320463)

Title Wastewater Superintendent
Type Water and Wastewater
Date Posted 2019-01-10
City / Organization Idaho Falls, ID
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Performs a variety of administrative and supervisory duties related to planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the overall management and operations of the Wastewater Division, including, plant facilities, wastewater collection, treatment, and laboratory operations.

Prepares Divisional work assignments and informs Foremen of project details; provides guidance and instruction on methods of installing new extensions and renovating existing systems.

Makes recommendations on personnel management decisions related to recruitment, selection, promotion, discipline, discharge, etc.; monitors personnel records for proper documentation of action taken; evaluates Division performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Develops and prepares annual and long-term budgets; predicts growth effects on existing systems; determines project needs and analyzes costs; delivers presentations in explanation of proposed budget(s) and projects; formulates and implements plans for proper maintenance and orderly development of wastewater collection systems; prepares and recommends rate changes.

Provides recommendations for long and short range planning to facilitate capital improvement and maintenance of existing systems and facilities.

Acts on all requests for new service line connections forwarded from the Community Development Department, determining the most feasible methods and location for such installation.

Establishes and administers programs for sampling and testing wastewater throughout the system to insure the discharge of unpolluted wastewaters into the natural drainage system of the area.

Establishes and maintains a system of records for all underground wastewater facilities which will provide for the immediate location of such underground facilities during routine or emergency operations; utilizes and records in the determination of recommendations for replacement dates for preventive maintenance.

Meets regularly with the Public Works Director to discuss operational procedure; recommends budgetary requirements and system improvements or other information relative to the Division's activities; contributes to the development and implementation of strategies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Division.

Performs related duties as required.

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Job Post Expiration Date   February 10, 2019

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